Together We Grow - February 18 & 19, 2018

The new world we live in

Cultures never remain completely static when they are surrounded by each other, interacting on a daily or weekly basis.  They come together and blend to create new and vibrant traditions and even entirely new cultures.  People take bits of their culture and mix it with bits of another culture and then reincorporate it into their lives.

Unlike what some people feel, this does not “corrupt” either culture or weaken or dilute them.  It enriches them and allows people to claim multicultural identities rather than being confined to the traditions that they were born with.

We are commanded to go beyond our feelings of national or ethnic pride and care for,reach out even love all people.  As a church are we going to listen to the word or lock the door to those we don’t understand. many questions exist.  Together we need to find the real answers of how God would have us reach out in a fast changing world